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Soccer games

On FunnyGames.us you'll find the best collection of Soccer Games! You'll find no less than 21 different Soccer Games, such as Heads Arena Soccer All Stars & Gravity Soccer. Here you can play the best free soccer games online! Soccer, also known as association football or just football in some parts of the world, is a popular sport worldwide. Lots of people dream of becoming professional soccer players. Not just because you get paid to play your favorite sport, but also because many top soccer players earn immensely high salaries and are hugely famous! That wasn't always the case though, and in smaller divisions, players might also need an additional job to make a living! Worldwide, soccer currently enjoys the biggest TV viewership of all televised sports, and FIFA estimates that 240 million people play soccer regularly. While the rules may have differed widely, soccer-like sports have been around for thousands of years and some were played competitively by both men as well as women. Soccer is played on a rectangular grass or astroturf pitch. While a team will usually include many more players, 11 players from each team may enter the game at one time. Their objective is to pass the ball between players and get close enough to the opposing team's goal to kick the ball past the goalkeeper and into the net spanning the goal posts. If the defending team makes a foul, the attacking team is awarded a penalty kick. Other versions of soccer include 7-a-side and 5-a-side games, which are usually played on smaller pitches. Here you can play all kinds of great soccer games to play for free online, from soccer championship games to penalty shootout games, foosball games, and flick soccer games! Have fun playing!

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