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On FunnyGames.us you'll find the best collection of FRVR games! You'll find no less than 6 different FRVR games, such as Solitaire FRVR & Lines FRVR

With slick graphics and addictive puzzles, FRVR is a small Danish gaming studio that puts out big games. FRVR is dedicated to building the next generation of games for HTML-5 web browsers and mobile apps. This collection includes a wide variety of reaction games such as Balloon FRVR or Slash FRVR and puzzle games including Hex FRVR, Untangle FRVR, and Mahjong FRVR. (And you may remember Hex FRVR as Facebook’s 2016 Instant Game of the Year!) There’s even the classic card game, Solitaire FRVR. FRVR games are a hit among casual gamers and avid Redditors!