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On you'll find the best collection of Piano Tiles games! You'll find no less than 4 different Piano Tiles games, such as Piano Tiles 2 & Piano Tile

Piano Tiles games are those addictive little monochrome games. Your mission is simple: Don’t tap the black tile! Or is it the white one? Whoops, too late! Be it black or white, piano tiles are a deceptively simple test of your skill and agility. The piano tile game boom began in 2014 with Piano Tiles: Don’t Tap the White Tile from Cheetah Mobile. From there came a stream of clones, sequels, and remixes. You can play competitively or in soothing “zen” mode. We even have a version of this game in which you have to avoid the white shark! Watch this space for more agility-testing, heart-racing piano tile games!